To blog, or not to blog…

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Until today, my answer has been unequivocally NOT to blog. I didn’t feel passionately enough about any one topic to commit to blogging week in and week out or day in and day out. Seemed like way too much work for way too little reward.

It’s a paradox: I write for money, not for fun, but if I’m gonna blog, it’s got to be about issues that tear me apart; stuff that makes me want to pound my desk with my fist; argue and shout about enough to matter, at least to me. This blog is for me, my platform, in a sense, to opine about the issues that mean something to me, to take what I’m tweeting about to another level beyond 140 characters per post.

So, every so often (could be daily, couple of times a week or weekly, not sure right now), I’ll be writing about whatever is going on in the world that strikes my interest, including economics, the housing market, currency issues, politics, the Red Sox, Green Day, Wall Street, the markets, investing, employment, economic inequity, Osama Bin Laden or #OMB, #legendofjedlowrie (nach), social networking and revolution in the Mid-East.

And because I spent a lot of money on an expensive accounting education that I’m not using much, I’ll post about accounting standards too, because where that goes has an impact on how investors understand companies and their operations, which is critical in our economy. And taxes, because I got an A in that class.

That’s just about enough, but here’s some food for thought in the form of some links before I close:

  • You Call that Tough? Joe Nocera of the New York Times calls out the government for not initiating nearly enough criminal prosecutions of bad banking behavior. Right on the money; such prosecutions are hard to win, but necessary to try to show both bankers and the world that reckless, criminal behavior should be at least called out, if not punished criminally.
  • When Benefits Bite Back Think that you can rely on you corporate benefits department to be straight with you about your benefits? Maybe not. The Supreme Court is hearing a case about whether employees and former employees can justly rely on representations made by corporate benefits departments both in writing and verbally. It’s likely that the corporations will win, in which case you better take out your magnifying glass and hire a lawyer to interpret your plan benefit document.
  • Red Sox Can’t Afford to Give Games Away Duh. The continuing debate over why the team that was supposed to be the best in the AL and the entire game in the pre-season can’t get it together when it matters.
  • The Breakup of the Euro Area An oldie but goodie by dollar/currency/econ guru Barry Eichengreen about why breaking up the Euro would/will be much harder than it seems. Tip to @cate_long
If you’re on twitter, and want to follow my ramblings there, I’m @lecreative
  1. Looks to me like you’ve got the knack to blog and the passion. Congratulations on your decision and best of luck. Just have fun!!!

  2. Amy,

    I’m looking forward to your blog!

    I agree it’s important to blog about topics that you care about.

  3. amybuttell says:

    Thanks Susan and Bruce!

  4. pamela deFranco says:

    love it Amy!! Looking forward to your blog.

  5. Jan Udlock says:

    How does it feel to be on the dark side?

    You’ll be great at this.
    p.s. Love the look of your blog.

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