Journalist; corporate communications and branding expert for financial services companies and financial professionals; marketing director for ClientWise LLC; Mom of two fine young men; passionate Red Sox fan; gym addict.

Opining about the various insanities and happenings in corporate America and around the world; baseball; and whatever else strikes my fancy. Inspired to post here the thoughts that can’t be expressed in a 140-count Tweet. Topics include economics, the housing market, the Euro, accounting standards, corporate responsibility and governance (or lack thereof), the dollar, etc.

Graduate of Furman University with a B.A. in English and Mercyhurst College with an Advanced Certificate in Accounting. Resident of Erie, PA. Owned by three cats.

  1. asweetvoice says:

    I wanted to say I appreciate your ending comments in the Furman Summer 2011 article, Illusions Shattered… “to try and do the next right thing, to act with integrity and make the most of each next moment.”
    That sums it up!
    If I had not transferred, I would have been class of 81, so we may have been on campus a year together.
    Bless you,
    Kim Fitzgerald Briehl
    Writer, Pediatric RN, mother of three fine sons, owned by one boston terrier and fluffy haired cat.

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